Mikrolar | Custom Robotics and Actuators

Mikrolar | Custom Robotics and Actuators

Mikrolar Inc., specializes in custom. Their affordable actuators come in many shapes and sizes; contact us to discuss how we can meet your specifications.

Why Mikrolar?

MIKROLAR is a small, veteran owned business located in NH that specializes in building customized robotics. These are designed to be more accurate, repeatable, faster, stiffer and able to carry a larger payload than conventional robotics. We also integrate these devices with vision systems, spindles, waterjet cutters, lasers, Renishaw Touch Probes and various end effectors and load cells.


  • P-Series Hexapods utilize six actuators to create a six degree of freedom system for applications where rigidity, accuracy, and repeatability are required.

Custom Actuators 

  • Mikrolar’s actuators come in a variety of sizes, excelling in accuracy, repeatability, and both axial and radial stiffness.



  • R-Series Rotopods utilize a rack & pinion gear-driven system to allow for 720 degrees of rotation in yaw, while maintaining the stiffness and accuracy inherent of a parallel mechanism.







For more information on Mikrolar, manufacturer of  high precision positioning systems for use in a wide variety of applications, contact Applied Motion Solutions sales engineering team by using our online email form for quick response or call one of our team members directly by visiting us online: http://amsmotion.com/our-team/