Koco Motion Stepper Driven Linear Actuators

Koco Motion Stepper Driven Linear Actuators

Koco Motion|DINGS’ is an INNOVATIVE motion control company providing HIGH VALUE quality electromechanical SOLUTIONS for the OEM MARKET. Our professional and competent team provides SUPERIOR technical and customer service support with a company environment of GROWTHCHALLENGE, and PURPOSE.

Explore the selection of NEMA linear actuators and the size you need for your precision positioning systems. Koco Motion offers non-captive, captive, electric cylinder external linear actuators in a range of NEMA sizes.

Standard linear motion products not meeting your application requirements?  We specialize in CUSTOM stepper linear actuator solutions tailored to meet your unique needs!

Whether you are designing a new system or wanting to improve the performance of an existing one, Koco Motion solutions will make your application more robust and dependable.

Koco Motion offers a wide range of Standard and Custom Stepper Linear Actuator solutions:

  • Nema 8 to Nema 34
  • External Linear, Non-Captive Linear, Captive Linear, and Electric Cylinder
  • Standard units in stock in California – Ready to ship within 24 hours
  • Custom prototyping units with lead time of only 2-3 weeks
For more information, contact Koco Motion solutions sales engineering team by using our online email form for quick response or call one of our team members directly by visiting us online: http://amsmotion.com/our-team/