Based in Morgan Hill, California, near the the heart of Silicon Valley, and in Changzhou, China, Koco Motion US LLC | DINGS’ is a leading edge company dedicated to design, sales and manufacturing of motion control products.  The leadership team has a total of over 75 years of experience in the design, manufacture, and distribution of industry-leading motion control systems.

Below is a sample of the products we offer in the Metro New York Regions.  Contact us for a full list of our offerings.

Stepper Motors

Standalone Driver & Controller

Our products are routinely applied in applications that demand precise movement in such industries as robotics, medical, biomedical, laboratory automation, clinical chemistry, semiconductor, packaging, and circuit board manufacturing.

Our Value Proposition is to provide our customers with excellent quality products at very competitive prices.  In addition, we have a sincere commitment to integrity and customer satisfaction.

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