MTE: SineWave Nexus™ 5-Year Motor Bearing Warranty

MTE: SineWave Nexus™ 5-Year Motor Bearing Warranty


Protect Your Motor Bearings from Harmful Electrical Fluting Damage – Guaranteed

MTE Corporation warranties AC induction motor bearings against failure from electrical fluting damage when MTE’s SineWave Nexus filter has been installed with a new motor, or a motor with new bearings, and installed in accordance with MTE’s “SineWave Nexus™ 380V – 600V INSTALLATION GUIDE”.*

If electrically induced motor bearing fluting damage occurs, and is verified, MTE will pay the current Vaughen’s National Average Price for “Furnish/Install 2 Standard Ball Bearings” and will also replace the SineWave Nexus filter.

The SineWave Nexus 5-Year Motor Bearing Warranty applies to all standard part numbers listed on the SineWave Nexus product page.

The following conditions must be met:

  1. The SineWave Nexus filter must be connected in common mode assembly DC bus configuration to assure low impedance filter connection back to the drive.
  2. New bearings or a new unused motor must be installed at the time of initial application of the SineWave Nexus filter for the warranty to be valid.
  3. There must be an approved registration within one (1) month of system commissioning. The warranty begins after registration approval and lasts for 5 years. Please use the below link to complete registration.

*SineWave Nexus warranty only covers electrical fluting damage of the motor bearings and does not cover other modes of failure, electrical or mechanical.

  • For all motors: New bearings MUST be installed at the time of SineWave Nexus filter installation.
  • All motors: For this warranty to be valid, the owner must register the motor within one (1) month of system conditioning, by filling out and submitting the above form.
  • MTE shall retain the sole authority to issue and approve the warranty for any application.
  • The warranty shall be activated and conferred to the motor owner upon the issuance by MTE.
  • All warranty applications shall be made by filling in the registration form.
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