TECO Westinghouse All-Smart Portable Vibration Diagnosis Instrument

TECO Westinghouse All-Smart Portable Vibration Diagnosis Instrument

TECOM’s “All-Smart Portable Vibration Diagnosis Instrument” is a new generation vibration measurement instrument for machine equipment.

The portable case contains IoT (Internet of Things) Gateway, smart vibration sensors, and standard mobile power-pack. Craft person can carry to site for measurement diagnosis operations.
The Gateway connects 4 sensors, and its WiFi allows multiple craft persons for simultaneous analysis.

Important Features
1. Time-Frequency Selectable

Gateway provides both time-domain and frequency-domain vibration signals; and these time-frequency signals are selectable at the smart phones.
2. Precision Frequency-Analyzer Replacement
Working together, the smart vibration sensors, IoT Gateway and smart phones jointly represent
a replacement of expensive and precision Frequency Analyzers, at any place and any time.
3. All-in-One
The instrument integrates the three operations: vibration measurement, analysis, and diagnosis
all into one operation; moreover, the diagnosis is operated interactively, in real time.
4. Plug-and-Play
All operations are powered by mobile power-pack, the diagnosis are done via wireless WiFi connections. No power wires, no network wires are needed, pure plug and play, amazingly easy to use.
The application of IoT technology to the Smart Vibration Sensors creates a “Break-through Change” in the field of Vibration measurements, leads it to the next generation.



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