Mach Motion Products combines reputable engineering expertise and low-cost manufacturing from Asia to best serve the OEMs of the United States and Canada. We offer a wide range of standard options that can be modified to fit specific needs that work best for your custom applications.

Working with a strong team of motor and gearbox engineers, we are capable of customizing products to meet difficult specifications. Our team solves complex, electromechanical applications and delivers quality service with our work. Our Engineering Department is backed up with a Quality Control Group that assures the products we deliver meet the specifications we committed to our customers.

Below is a sample of the products we offer in the Metro New York Regions.  Contact us for a full list of our offerings.


Mach Motion Brakes


Jaw Couplings

Brushless Servo Motors

Brushless Servo Motors

Servo Drives

Servo Drives

Mach Motion Products is capable of handling manufacturing volumes as low as 500 units per year through to multiple-thousand unit orders. Whatever you need to meet your technical and financial objectives, we strive to find a way.

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