Namiki Micro Motors

Namiki Micro Motors

Namiki Micro Motors: Micro Servo Optimized for Small Robots 

Smallest size in the industry!

As the era of humans coexisting with robots various kinds of small robots have been released on the market. Some of the robots can substitute human work, have a conversation, monitor rooms or connect to Wi-Fi and provide data. There are many possibilities where the robots can contribute to our lives.
Adamant Namiki developed a special micro servo for a small robot. In order to make the servo a perfect fit for each joint of the robot, an unprecedented compact design was achieved by assembling the motor, gears, and other key components in a precise and optimized layout within the limited space of the servo.
Moreover, for reliability purposes, the servo has a newly developed clutch mechanism (torque limiter) that prevents internal gears from being damaged by unexpected external force. Also, for durability purposes, it has a non-contact potentiometer and Φ10mm brushless motor.

Adamant Namiki provides total solutions with motors as well as other key components to help customers succeed in their product developments.


Compact size / Low noise

Small step alignment structure

Optimized gear material, module, and safety factor

  • ・Smallest servo in the industry
  • ・Substantial noise reduction with original high-precision speed reducer

Optimized design for robot articulation

Rounded arch of the small, thin servo makes sophisticated robot design possible

Clutch mechanism

  • ・Backlash≈0°
  • ・High durability

The clutch attached to the output shaft protects internal gears from damage caused by excess load, as well as ensuring safety.

Non-contact potentiometer


Non-contact type contributes to a long service life