Macron Dynamics | Innovating on Delta Robot Newsletter

Macron Dynamics | Innovating on Delta Robot Newsletter

Tri-Bot Linear Robots for Better, Faster Picking and Packing

Increasing demands for the rapid production of high-volume products have given rise to the popularity of delta robots in modern-day manufacturing. A delta robot consists of three lightweight arms connected to universal joints at the base. Macron Dynamics has innovated that design by utilizing our modular belt driven linear actuator components to provide the mobility required in a unique way. This solution is available as a kit with the belt-driven actuators and the connector kit and can be configured with various end-effectors.

Why Use a Tri-Bot?

  • Lower Cost: The Macron Dynamics Tri-Bot Linear Robot is a much more cost-effective option when compared to traditional delta robots. Often costing a fraction of the price, the Tri-Bot is affordable and the ROI for the purchase is realized sooner as a result.
  • Key Features: With payload capacity of 5kg and the ability to complete fast, repeatable movements of up to 125 picks per minute, manufacturers receive the same benefits of the traditional delta robot.
  • Flexibility: Compared to other competing linear solutions, our Tri-Bot can be configured to provide a larger range of work envelopes. Like all of Macron Dynamics’ linear robotics, this solution can be built on its own platform, engineered into your infrastructure, or outfitted with an array of end-effectors in order to meet the specific needs of your unique application.

    Who Needs a Tri-Bot?

    Many industries and applications can leverage the design of our Tri-Bot Linear Robot to increase productivity, worker safety, and overall capabilities.